Here We Go


I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year’s with lots of fun, drink, and excitement.  I did!  I’m not the type for resolutions, but I have been thinking about some changes I wanted to make, even executing some of them since October. 

My year started off with a bang.  I shot a commercial in October, and it started airing this week, making me somewhat of a local celebrity.  I admit that the commercial has boosted my self confidence to soaring heights, and I want to carry this momentum forward into the year.  I have been booking as many auditions as I can, but I may fall back in go to an acting school to learn some real skills.

On the side of the acting ambition, I’m also starting my 2nd and final year learning basic PC technologies.  I don’t have any plans to flip this degree, but I do want to start a business in the industry.  I may have to find a square job for a year or so to fund my ambition, which is a buy low, sell high but less than retail computer shop.

The moral of the post is to do you, forget what other people say.  My family said that acting was for dreamers, that I’ll never rise to the heights of stardom.  My response:  I don’t have to be Hollywood’s boy toy, but I like acting and found it as a form of stress relief.  Plus I am into building multiple revenue streams, so if I develop my talents to the point of a TV show or a major project, 3-4 projects throughout each year will suffice for that particular stream.

Do you and be happy.  If it doesn’t work, there’s a million hustles under the sun that can be performed.  Happy days folks, DO YOU!!!