Gearing up for New Year’s

rootsThere is something about the movie Roots that gets me going.  I don’t get upset and things when I see it, but I see the hidden fruit that the movie has to offer.  To sum up 8 hours of movie watching, we learn to do something, even if the world is against us.  This movie came at a good time as 2012 is ending and 2013 is full of promises and hopes.

A long term hustle that I began in October is showing fruit, and should be finalized Monday, New Year‘s Eve.  I am particularly proud of this feat as I have been told that I need to work a shitty job and do the best I can until I turn 80 or die, whichever comes first.

You may have your own plans for the year too.  I encourage you to go for it.  I encourage you to move forward, and if you must go backwards, remember what went wrong, change course, and start again.



Site Overhaul

In the event that you come across this page and wonder what has happened since November 30, the site is changing.  I did not like the original direction, and will in fact change directions in the coming weeks.  This blog will be personal, but I will keep it from becoming an online diary.

The events in my life will be recorded to inspire, entertain, and hopefully teach something worthwhile.

The wait is coming to an end. Stay tuned…