The Beginning

I know what you are thinking, “Another blog!  Is it on success, personal development, finance?”  The answer is no.  These subjects may be allured to in the future, but these are not the thesis of this blog.  The point of this blog is getting ahead in this world, heck, this time.  There is no historical context to look back on, so the problems stemming from the “Great Recession” are new.  However, there are people winning in this time, and I want to know what they are doing.

I know some are in business, or getting internet marketing through various strategems, but what about the average of us?  The ones who know a trade or skill and go somewhere for someone to perform these trades and skills for wages.  My goal for this blog is to bring out the animal in us, myself included.  I am personally tired of waiting on someone to give me liberty, whether it be the government, an employer, whoever.  We were born with certain liberties, regardless of the country we are born into.

I ask of you to please bear with my growing pains and inevitable setbacks.  Everything I will talk about on this blog will be actions that have been applied and I simply tell you whether the actions worked or not.  All comments are welcome, and I would even welcome guest contributors.

Lets get to work folks!


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