The Bottom

We have all found ourselves at the bottom at some point in time during our lives.  An array of circumstances and plain bad luck lead us to this path of nowhere.  This is what separates the winners from the losers.  Winners find a way to climb out the hole, whether or not they dug it for themselves.  The losers, well, you never find them.  They are trapped under a mountain of self pity and despair.  Do you want to win?  Read on.  If not, feel free to go to your hole and play the role of the ostrich.

I’ve seen the bottom more times than I’d like to share.  Every time it seems as if I should die, but somehow I find a way to live.  I’m a member of the self development community, so my methods may be variations of what’s already out there.  But I’m telling you, no matter what the method; patience and dedicated focus WILL propel you from your slump.  I’ve been addicted to various substances, caught a felony, and couldn’t find a decent wage job, whatever you name it.  I’m not Donald Trump, but the skills I’ve learned in my personal hell at least allow me to keep food in the fridge and the lights on.

  • How did I get here?  This is the best first question you can ask yourself.  Find out what led to your downfall.  Did you mess up somewhere?  Bad circumstances?  Wrong place, wrong time?  Everybody has some kind of story as to why they are where they are.  To heal, you have to accept the situation 100%, no matter if it was your doing or not.  Accepting it helps the mind reframe the situation.  Instead of no hope, the mind has a purpose.
  • What shall I do now?  Do not feel sorry for yourself!  I can’t stress that enough.  This is your chance to change history.  From where you are, you need to create a plan.  In fact, create multiple plans just in case circumstance is not finished with you.  You’re at your lowest point  now.  What do you have to lose?  When I was convicted years ago, I ran through the routine of applying for every and any job, only to be denied entry.  I’m not much of a business man, but I had to be because working 15-hour weeks at $7 per hour was not going to help my cause.  After careful planning and bold maneuvering I am a D-list actor (working my way up the ranks) and tinkering with the Internet (learning how to make money writing, blogging, anything).
  • A change will come.  Change comes to those that want it.  Change comes to the one who would rather sit in his hole than come out living the same life again.  Similar to a mid life crisis, this is a change to restate life on your terms.  Maybe last time you had the expectations of others upon you and eventually broke.  This time, set YOUR expectations and see how far that gets you.  Just change, but change for the better.  Don’t change your drug of choice from weed to coke; but change from an everyday habit to an every other day habit, then eventually a non habit.

The conclusion of the matter is that the world is not over.  Everybody falls, and some of them prosper after the fact.  I want you to be that guy or gal that prospers from change.  Your story is what they call a testimony and worthy to be shared, because many people are stuck with no idea of what’s going on with themselves.  Be the person to lead a revolution of change.  You often see the missing links in your life when you inspect your inner self (your motives, desires, etc.).  I believe in you.

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Lose The Baggage

It is often said that life is a giant mountain.  If we are all climbing to the summit of our personal mountains, then why do we load ourselves with unnecessary baggage?  I’m not talking about the tools needed for survival (some kind of work, love and adoration from family and friends, moral compasses, etc.), but the tools that we don’t need (self-pity, failed relationships, damaged pride/egos).  We all have desires of victory, whatever that means to us.  The form of victory doesn’t matter, or the route to victory.  The truth is that we will reach our destinations faster if we traveled lighter.  This is a process I’ve come to adopt and have seen results, even when I thought I was wasting time.


I’ve come to be a believer in the popular saying, “Less is more.”  I used to collect everything known to man.  I was afraid to throw anything away.  I’ve got tax returns from 15 years ago, paper work from yesteryear, and personal offenses from the past.  It wasn’t until I reach my personal bottom that I began clearing out trash.  My life was a whirlwind; nothing was organized, I couldn’t find important things that might have made life easier; no, I was a mess.  It took approximately 15 months to reorganize and start my journey back to the top.  No piece of information was spared.  My physical environment transformed in a matter of days, it was the mental baggage that still haunted me.  I tried every self-help mantra there was to try, but nothing seemed to work.  That is, until the day I made peace with myself.  I allowed my past to be what it was, my past.  I realized that every thought, decision, word, and action brought me to this point.  I didn’t like the point I was at, so I realized that changes would be needed, and I did it.  I also thought I wouldn’t succeed in this endeavor either, but time passed, I was focused, and my life turned around without me knowing it.  I still have my problems, but I’m more nimble and quicker to respond.

The Dream Team

Besides our physical environment and the pressures that we put on ourselves, another problem abounds.  The people in our environment and those that gave us the mental processes that we seek to shed now are influential in our sphere of influence.  The wrong crowd steers us the wrong way, while the right crowd gives us tools for success.  Is there anybody that you admire?  Perhaps a person’s way of thinking or the way they handle certain business?  Whatever you’re trying to do, find a person who has already done it.  Sometimes we follow wrong influences, and that is ok since we were operating in a mental mode we thought to be beneficial at the time.  Now that we know that mode is no good, we need to shift our thinking, and also show our shift of thinking by doing away with actions and people we now identify to be no good.

Letting Go of Ourselves

I mentioned earlier that I gave myself the permission to succeed.  A lot of us hold on to our past like we may die if we don’t live it again for our remaining days.  It’s one thing to remember the past.  Without the past we can’t really say where we want to go.  It’s another thing to relive the past as if it were happening again today.  Those bad thoughts, injustices, unfair criticisms, whatever it may be, must be released.  I can’t tell you how to do that, but however you are wired, you need to find out how to release.  We’ve seen those bitter people walking through life mad at the world over something that happened 35 years ago.  They never learned to forget.  They also haven’t learned how to forgive, whether it is forgiving someone else, or themselves.  Let’s not be those people.  Let’s be the people that learn the lesson that our pasts had to offer and live those lessons as far as they will carry us.  That is also the mark of wisdom, applying life lessons that have been learned.


Today is the day that the people who wish to rise will rise.  Today is the day that we will burn our ships and venture out into the world with new mindsets and action plans.  Today is the day that instead of relating and holding onto the past, we learn and let go of the past so that we can mold our future and develop a better past for ourselves in due time.  Unload that baggage.  The mountain of life is rugged and treacherous.  If the wolves don’t kill you, the icy temperatures of the soul can.  Unload the unneeded baggage so that we can efficiently scale this mountain, settle in the luscious plains, and begin our history.

Resource Management

To make the most out of this life, resource management is a necessary skill that must be learned if you hope to survive this life.  In my life, the one resource I have found to be a challenge is financial management.  I have been through the whole spectrum, from poor to rich and back poor again.  Throughout this cycle, certain principles are timeless and have taught me to be careful yet loose with finances.  I tend to manage my life, household, and finances like a country would.  The policies I have in place would make the European Union jealous.  This is my method but this is not foolproof.  Some strategies may work differently for others depending on the individual circumstances.  Read them for what they are, and if necessary, tweak or eliminate them from your plans.

Spend on Paper First

This has saved me from eating at the soup kitchen many times.  I have never held a professional job or made a lot of money.  The jobs I have worked usually average $650 every two weeks.  The things we want and need can easily become blurred, so it is an advantage to see where the money goes before it has a chance to go anywhere physically.  If you can predict your paycheck a few days before the actual payday, you’ll be in the driver’s seat and have time to tweak a plan if needed.

Create Budget Categories Immediately

The average person just can’t spend money and hope to survive another two weeks to go on a spending spree.  You generally pay for the same services month after month, so go ahead and put them in your fixed expense report.  Common themes would be mortgage/rent, auto payments and maintenance, daycare (if you have kids); the list can go on and on.  The main point is to try and think ahead about your big ticket expenses so that you won’t be left in the dark literally!

Fund for or Curtail Habits

You know you’re going to buy a carton of cigarettes this pay period, so why not have the expense budgeted?  The fallacy with planning on paper is that we are inclined to do right and say we will do away with our bad habits.  Once payday gets here however, regular life resumes and you’re off to the store to buy that pack of cigarettes, that six pack of beer, the weed, whatever your vice of choice may be.  While it may be true that you need to quit the habit, you also don’t want to go broke by spending in a category you didn’t plan for.  Be real with yourself.  It will help you as you make those crucial spending decisions.

Strive for Profit

Most personal finance pundits tell you to pay yourself first.  That is good advice, but what if you’re barely getting by?  Saving $10-15 per check, or even per month, can be daunting.  You can do a combination of two things to realize profit.  You can cut spending, increase income, or both.  If I were really a country that was dripping red ink, the citizens would more than likely revolt right?  Well, the same goes for us as individuals, or households if married.  The failure to see a profit puts us on a tight margin, and Murphy’s Law is around the corner to derail what margin we thought we had.  Do yourself a favor and look for profit.  Even if it’s a fraction of total income, if you can break even, that small profit margin will multiply itself in due time.

Invest in Self

Sometimes we need to make a solid investment in order to see the profit we want or need.  Do you think you can make it as an actor?  Do you know a certain subject and think a blog can prosper both you and countless people?  Do you have a business idea that can solve a certain need?  If you have any personal goal, it deserves to be funded.  Perhaps you cannot fund the goal in full, then break it down and methodically save your way to that goal.  At times you will need to invest in yourself in order to gain more control over your situation.  The blog you’re thinking about can significantly add to your bottom line if you’re consistent and do things the right way.  That acting career could open the doors to other opportunities as well as provide for you.  Invest in the income streams you deem worthy.

Are You Wealthy Yet?

After about a month of this strategy, you will at least feel rich.  It’s a good feeling not to be pressured or stressed about paying a common bill or where the next tank of gas will come from.  I can’t say that I’m personally wealthy, but for someone in my position, I’m doing almost as well as any random professional.  This is not to brag, but to demonstrate that anything worth having is worth working for.  My last financial campaign took me from a net worth of -$5500 to being worth around $12K.  It took four years to get to that point, but the fact is that it can be done.  The quota for 2013 is going to be insane!

Do you have anything to add to the strategy?  Let them be known and let’s converse about managing resources, money in particular.

The Beginning

I know what you are thinking, “Another blog!  Is it on success, personal development, finance?”  The answer is no.  These subjects may be allured to in the future, but these are not the thesis of this blog.  The point of this blog is getting ahead in this world, heck, this time.  There is no historical context to look back on, so the problems stemming from the “Great Recession” are new.  However, there are people winning in this time, and I want to know what they are doing.

I know some are in business, or getting internet marketing through various strategems, but what about the average of us?  The ones who know a trade or skill and go somewhere for someone to perform these trades and skills for wages.  My goal for this blog is to bring out the animal in us, myself included.  I am personally tired of waiting on someone to give me liberty, whether it be the government, an employer, whoever.  We were born with certain liberties, regardless of the country we are born into.

I ask of you to please bear with my growing pains and inevitable setbacks.  Everything I will talk about on this blog will be actions that have been applied and I simply tell you whether the actions worked or not.  All comments are welcome, and I would even welcome guest contributors.

Lets get to work folks!